Loading Granite Slab

Loading and Transporting Granite Countertops Policy

Granite is a rigid, natural stone. When properly supported, it is sturdy and resists cracking, without proper support, granite is susceptible to cracks. Like glass, granite is transported vertically on its edge. If granite is laid flat, it will likely crack over bumps in the road.

To support the transportation of the granite, Apex recommends having a professional installer use A-frames, which are wooden structures in the shape of the letter" A". Leaning the granite against the slope of the "A" gives it even support (A-frames are built with 2"x4"s at a 10-degree angle). Horizontal and vertical supports connect the two A-frames and provide a surface for the clamps and straps (a proper tie-down is highly recommended) that hold the granite in place. A pickup truck is required when picking up a granite slab so the slab can be placed in the bed of a pickup truck. However, a van, SUV, or trailer may work if a smaller A-frame is built to pick up the smaller piece of granite slab.

Due to liability concerns, Apex can ONLY help place the Quartz, Marble and Granite slabs in the bed of a truck. To strap and/or tie-down will be the responsibility of the person (installer, handyman, or contractor) picking up. If you're transporting the granite slab yourself, make sure you bring a male friend for assistance to tie, strap, and carry the granite slab.

In the case that a pickup person needs help to strap the granite slab
  1. Speak to sales representative and ask for assistance
  2. Our sales representative will arrange and ask for at least two Apex employees (two people is a must)In order to help strap the granite in the bed of a truck. A proper tie down strap and/or straps (U-Hook winch Strap Tie-Down 15,000lb Capacity, 4"x27") and a proper transport vehicle is required or our employees will refuse to help) Apex employees will ensure the truck is parked at an even pavement prior to loading.
  3. It is the customer's responsibility to inspect and make sure granite slabs are in good condition, that they are strapped properly, and safely, prior to getting on the road. Apex will not be held liable or responsible for any accident occurred after any transportation vehicle has left our warehouse.
  4. A-frames, clamps or tie-down may be available to check out for a returnable deposit only if they are available.
  5. An Apex material liability form MUST be signed by the CUSTOMER prior to loading or leaving the warehouse. If applicable, a second liablity release form is required to be signed before helping to strap any granite countertops.
Last, but not least, customer should inspect the granite carefully again prior to leaving. Once material is loaded, a warehouse copy must be signed by the customer and/or installer (whoever is picking up) acknowledging all material is in good condition and has been picked up. Again, once the countertops and/or material leave our warehouse, they become full responsibility of the homeowner, and/or customer, and no longer liability of Apex.