Customer Services

Customer Services

Apex Stone & Cabinet Inc's staffs are well trained and are ready to answer all questions in involving:

Handling Customer Questions
Our staff is ready to address any questions you may have during your purchases. We understand that when considering purchases, you may have inquiries regarding pricing, availability, or more in-depth details. Our sales staff typically undergo extensive initial training and regular continuing education to ensure they possess thorough and up-to-date knowledge of our company's products and services.

Fulfilling Customer Requests.
Our staff is also equipped to handle customer requests for products or services, as well as specific personal inquiries such as changes to account information, discounts, complimentary gifts, or expedited services.

Solving Customer Problems
Our staff frequently assists customers with various issues, including technical difficulties or billing disputes. Depending on the situation, our sales team addresses these concerns directly or refers customers to the appropriate departments in accordance with company policy.

Resolving Customer Complaints
Customers can also contact store manager with complaints. Complaints can be on the service the customer received, the quality of the products or services purchased or the company's perceived failure to fulfill promises. Our store manager is empowered to resolve all complaints and also empowered to issue refunds or credits for unsatisfactory goods or services or as an expression of goodwill or apology. Apex Stone & Cabinet's Catalogues is also available for you to download. It includes the latest versions of our catalogs and brochures.
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You can email us @ to request company literature to be mailed to you!

You may also download an Apex Catalog Online by Click Here to Download an Apex Product Catalog

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