22-5-6.5 Alice Oak 5.5MM 100% WATERPROOF FLOOR (60.83"X8.98")

22-5-5.5 and 22-5-6.5 Alice OakSize: 1545X228mm; 60.83"X8.98"Thickness: 4mmUnderlayment: 1.5mm IXPE EMBOSSEDWear Layer: 20MILQuantity: 37.92SF/BOX; 10PC/BOX; 56BOX/PALLETS;  
SKU: S5-22-5-6.5-AO
Availability: In Stock
Product Type: 5.5MM SPC FLOOR

22-5-5.5 and 22-5-6.5 Alice Oak
Size: 1545X228mm; 60.83"X8.98"
Thickness: 4mm
Underlayment: 1.5mm IXPE EMBOSSED
Wear Layer: 20MIL
Quantity: 37.92SF/BOX; 10PC/BOX; 56BOX/PALLETS;


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