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What is a Fridge Panel?

Update Time:2018-11-9 23:26:06Views:508

A fridge panel is a piece of wood that is placed over an exposed area of the refrigerator to create a built-in appearance. Fridge panels are available through many appliance manufacturers, but they can also be custom ordered.

A fridge panel is composed of pieces of wood that surround a refrigerator. The panels allow it to have a built-in appearance so that the appliance blends in with the cabinetry. A fridge panel can be purchased for nearly every type of refrigerator, including side-by-side and subzero units. Many refrigerators are designed to allow consumers to attach the fridge panels of their choice, while other units may need to be adapted to allow the panels to fit properly. Fridge panels may also be custom ordered to fit unique styles of refrigerators or to better match the designs in the room. Cabinetmakers will often take orders for fridge panels and will style them after the rest of the cabinets in the kitchen.