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What is Wall Skin?

Update Time:2018-11-9 23:24:30Views:484

Wall skin is a type of wall treatment that can be a useful way of adding detail or changing the overall aesthetic of a room. Wall skins are sometimes comprised of veneers of wood. These thin sheets are easily attached to walls to create a wood paneling or Wainscot effect. Another popular use of wall skins is to create a modern look by incorporating metal or other types of industrially influenced textures.

The backsplash of a kitchen can be matched and extended to the entire kitchen wall with a wall skin. Some wall skins are three dimensionally textured to help give the kitchen a natural rock look, but those must be painted and plastered to complete the look. Wall skin can also refer to the vinyl stickers used to decorate a wall with images. Underneath the wall skin in most kitchens will still be a type of dry wall or rock board to meet all the appropriate fire safety standards.