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What is a Skin?

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A skin is a thin layer of film that looks like wood. The skin has an adhesive backing that allows it to be attached to cabinets for a hardwood appearance.

A skin refers to a type of film that is made of PVC or vinyl. It has an adhesive on the back so that it can be easily applied to cabinets. Skins are frequently used during remodeling projects when costs are limited. They cover cabinet damage, such as scratches or stains. In order to apply skins, all hardware must be removed. The cabinets are then sanded, and putty is used to make the surface smooth and even before the skin is applied. Skins are available in a large selection of woods, stains and grain patterns in order to give homeowners a variety of choices. Skins are not recommended for cabinets that are not structurally sound, because the film does not provide the cabinet with any support or strength. The skin is simply a decorative covering that is used for its aesthetic appeal.