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What is a Soss Hinge?

Update Time:2018-11-9 23:22:31Views:494

A soss hinge is a concealed hinge that is used on inset doors. It is known as a type of invisible hinge because it cannot be seen when the cabinet door is closed.

A soss hinge is an invisible hinge that is used on inset cabinet doors. It is completely concealed when the door is closed. The hinge is attached by cutting mortises into both the door and the cabinet frame. A soss hinge allows the door to close flush with the frame for a clean line. Since the hinge is attached in deep mortises, it also gives the door strength and support. Soss hinges can also be used on furniture and countertops with lift panels. There are several sizes of soss hinges available so that cabinetmakers can choose the ones that best fit the sizes of their doors. There are also a variety of finishes to choose from, such as brass, bronze, stainless steel and nickel.