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What is a Concealed Hinge?

Update Time:2018-11-9 23:21:38Views:480

A concealed hinge is one that lays flush within a cabinet door to mask the hinges location. The term concealed hinge is interchangeable with “European Style” in reference to cabinetry hinges. The purpose of the concealed hinge is to provide a smooth surface to the outer appearance of a kitchen cabinet run. The major advantage, beyond the purely aesthetic value of concealed hinges, is the ability to make minor adjustments very simply to the cabinet doors after they are installed by turning small adjustment screws. Removal of a cabinet door with concealed hinges is also a simplified process with a concealed hinge because the hardware does not have to be removed from the door.

There are three basic styles of concealed hinges: full overlay, half overlay and insert. The full overlay concealed hinge is the most common type used in kitchen cabinetry. It is easily recognized by its straight-arm design. Insert concealed hinges will often be used in a display cabinet of kitchen cabinetry that incorporates glass doors. There are advantages, like improved security and easier clean-up, that make concealed hinges a valuable addition. Another popular advantage to having concealed hinges in kitchen cabinetry is that it alleviates the need for a visible frame while adding a self-closing ability to the cabinet doors.