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What is a Hinge?

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A hinge is a piece of hardware vital to the proper function of a cabinet door. The two primary categories for hinges are visible and invisible. Visible hinges relate back to the original hinges that were forged by blacksmiths. A visible hinge will usually consist of two leaves held together by a barrel-and-pin knuckle that allows the pieces to move in a linear direction. The completely exposed hinge will have fancy details cast into its leaves to make the hinge more decorative. Partially concealed hinges will only have the knuckle visible at the seam of the door where it aligns with the cabinet face frame. Partially concealed hinges will be very plain as they are for function and not for decoration.

Invisible hinges are set within the door and are completely concealed while the cabinet is closed. This style of hinge is also referred to as a Euro Hinge, and it is gaining popularity because of its many practical benefits. For example, invisible hinges can be aligned through the manipulation of set screws. Another advantage to an invisible hinge is that there is typically an assisted return element to the hinge’s construction. This style also simplifies door removal by simply allowing the hinge to be disconnected at its joint while its ends remain attached to the cabinet.