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What is a Corner Cabinet?

Update Time:2018-11-9 23:19:18Views:503

A corner cabinet is a specially designed cabinet that will maximize the usable space of a corner. Because of the natural obstructions created by perpendicular doors or the difficulty of being able to reach into a cabinet deeper than 24 inches, a corner cabinet must use a non-standard configuration. Corner cabinets are offered in both base and upper cabinet designs, though base cabinets are the most common form. The advantages to a corner cabinet are derived from many factors, but typically the designs are directed toward an efficient use of space on the inside with a camouflaged appearance on the outside.

The different styles of internal shelving systems that come in most corner cabinet units will use a variation of lazy-susans, drawers, custom shaped shelves or the space will simply be left completely empty. If one has some large items that could be stored in the kitchen, then leaving the space empty of shelves and interferences becomes the best utilization of the space. The predominant difficulty is in determining how best to attach functional doors that will not disrupt the visual line for the run of cabinets. For that reason, corner cabinet doors are usually multi-hinged and custom matched to the space.