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What is a Plate Rack?

Update Time:2018-11-9 23:18:03Views:547

A plate rack is a stylish and convenient way to store plates. The beauty of a plate rack is that it can be built and installed into an existing cabinetry run. The main limitation to plate racks is that they can only store a select number of plates. This is a storage system best utilized for a formal set of dishes. The plate rack is typically attached to a top cabinet’s underside and to the wall for additional strength. Plates are placed into delineated slots that accept only a single plate per space. Plate racks do not typically have a cabinet door covering them, so they are a visible addition to the cabinetry that some prefer.

For kitchens with limited space that precludes the incorporation of a china cabinet or hutch, the plate rack can be a space-saving way to still display a fine collection. Though plate racks due tend to resemble dish racks, they should never be used for drying dishes as this can ruin the finish or weaken the wood with moisture buildup over time. Most plate racks are made of wood, but alternative materials can be selected to achieve a complimentary modern aesthetic.