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What is a Glass Rack?

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A glass rack is a rack that stores stemware, including wine glasses, tulips, flutes and goblets. Glass racks may be located beneath cabinets, or they may be suspended from the ceiling. Some glass racks are cubes that rest on the tops of counters.

A glass rack is a storage device that keeps stemware safe and secure. Many types of stemware can take up excess space inside cabinets because of the wide diameter of the bowls. Glass racks allow homeowners or bartenders to store wine glasses, champagne flutes, goblets and tulips upside down and out of the way. The glassware easily slides into its allotted place in the glass rack, and then it slides back out when the glasses are needed. The design also allows water to drip out of the bowls so that the glasses do not get water spots. Glass racks are available in an assortment of materials and finishes. Chrome, copper or stainless steel glass racks add a sleek, modern feel to a kitchen, while wooden glass racks create a cozy, warm atmosphere.