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What is a Wine Rack?

Update Time:2018-11-9 23:17:04Views:512

A wine rack is the term used to describe the permanent fixture that can be included in a cabinetry run to offer a convenient and permanent place to store wine bottles. Wine racks have a few basic requirements, like the fact that most wines must be stored on their side with a slight incline to allow the cork to stay fully moistened by the liquid inside. However, variations in the design of a wine rack can produce widely varying and creative storage methods.

Some wine rack designs create a concealed storage within a cabinet that incorporates permanent inclusion of racks inside a standard base or wall cabinet. Other designs will include glass in the cabinet door’s design to help showcase the wine. There are also refrigerated cases that can be concealed in base cabinets to house wine at the prescribed temperature despite fluctuations in the environmental temperature. The simplest wine racks can consist simply of a few circle cutouts into which bottle can be placed.