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What is a Spice Rack?

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A spice rack is an organizational tool that is used to store bottles of seasonings and spices. Spice racks are available in a variety of materials, sizes and styles.

A spice rack is used to organize bottles of spices and seasonings. There are several types of spice racks available. They make be small shelves that are placed in the pantry, or they may be wire shelves that hang on the pantry door. Some spice racks have tilted shelves that make it easy to identify the seasonings, while others store the bottles vertically. A spice rack may also refer to a unit that can be pulled out of a pantry shelf. In this case, the rack has two or three shelves and is easily accessible from both sides. Spice racks may also be towers that spin like a carousel. Spice racks may be constructed of wire, wood or plastic, and the number of bottles that the racks hold varies between designs.