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What is Engineered Wood?

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Engineered wood is manufactured from scraps of lumber and byproducts, such as saw dust, that have been reformed using heat, glue and pressure to make a usable solid-wood alternative. In an effort to meet the demands for a construction material that is lower costing but equally durable, the forest industry engineered several types of wood-based board products. Engineered woods are intended to be used as a substrate, which means they are covered with a laminate or wood veneer. This is a construction material that has grown in popularity because of advancements in the engineered wood’s quality being produced today.

Particle board is a commonly known engineered wood used in the manufacturing of many kitchen cabinets and countertops, but it is not the only one. Another equally popular and arguably more durable engineered wood is plywood. Fiberboard and flakeboard are the other popular versions on the market today. All of the previously mentioned board types use the similar methods to manufacture the board, but the type of raw material wood used will vary the final texture and strength between them. Processes that are achieving higher densities and the advancement into the inclusion of fire retardant materials are helping to improve the reputation of engineered woods.