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What is a Base End Shelf?

Update Time:2018-11-9 0:34:19Views:498

A base end shelf is a shelf located on the end of the set of cabinets beneath a countertop. Base end shelves are not found in all kitchens but are often used to increase storage space or to add a decorative touch.

A base end shelf is similar to a base end cabinet, but it does not have a door to hide the contents.

Base end shelves are not universal because they must be designed for either the left or the right side. The shelves may be used for decorative purposes, such as storing pretty bowls, ornaments or collectables. Base end shelves may also be used for storing necessary kitchen items, such as timers, salt and pepper shakers or bottles of seasonings. The shelves are relatively shallow in order to keep the walking space near the cabinets clear and unobstructed. Base end shelves are usually made of the same wood and have the same finish as the other cabinets in the kitchen.