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What is a Natural Finish?

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A natural finish refers to finishes that protect and seal wood without the use of stains or dyes. Many natural finishes are clear so that the natural color of the wood is visible underneath a protective coating.

A natural finish is a type of finish that does not alter the color of the wood. Natural finishes are used to protect and enhance a wood’s natural features. Many natural finishes may bring out the color variations within a piece of wood. Natural finishes can be made from oils such as Tung oil, mink oil, linseed oil or mineral oil. It is even possible to stain the sanded wood with a mild or matching stain, but it should be water based. By repeating the process of sanding and oiling, a beautiful natural finish will enhance and protect the wood’s surface. It is even possible to produce a natural finish after a stain, dye, or varnish has been stripped away.