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What is Laminate?

Update Time:2018-11-9 0:25:45Views:466

Laminate is an alternative to hardwood cabinetry. The term refers to a style of construction that incorporates manufactured wood that has been covered with one of various optional skins that can give the project a hardwood or alternative finished look. In the past, this type of construction was quickly dismissed by home owners and cabinet makers as a low quality choice that should be avoided at all costs, but things have changed.

Today, many people are turning to laminates as a reasonable alternative because of the dramatic improvements in the industry of manufactured-wood products. The appeal comes from the fact that the wood core is created using either chip or granulized wood, that is often recycled, and bonding it with resin under high pressure. The finished boards have a strength and price that makes them highly competitive with all hardwoods. When the laminate skin is applied, modern styles are easily achieved, which support an attitude in line with modern decor and environmental conservation.