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What is Lacquer?

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Lacquer is a term generally used to describe a specific type of finish applied to wood projects. While there is not one specific process for accomplishing this, lacquered wood has characteristics that are produced via the use of solvents to create a hard finish. The look of this type of finish is very sophisticated and is highly sought after. This is an ancient technique that has been improved over the years, but the value of a well lacquered project is still significantly higher than comparable finishes.

Lacquered projects have a glossy finish that is much more durable than the closely related shellac finished projects. The combination of toxic and volatile chemicals needed to achieve a true lacquer finish is difficult to attain and should only be handled by experienced professionals. Though a lacquered look may be desired, a novice is unlikely to be able to achieve a flawless application without much practice. A traditional incorporation of a lacquer finish will also have inlay and other embellishment added to the project.