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What is a Framed Cabinet?

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Framed cabinets are cabinets that incorporate a visible or slightly concealed structural frame. Framed cabinets were how cabinets were originally conceived in North America. Through the advancement of hinge designs, the need for a rigid frame was eliminated and the opportunity to choose between framed and frameless cabinetry designs was achieved. Framed cabinets will require an overlay measurement to ensure that the cabinet doors are uniform in how they are seated on the run. Originally, the need for a visible frame in cabinetry was due to the common use of exposed hinges, but today it is optional in the construction because of advancements in design and parts.

Face framed cabinets is another interchangeable term for this type of cabinetry. This is still a very common cabinetry style and it is easily identified by the visible trim boards that are used to add rigidity to the construction of the cabinet box. Trim boards are often made of a hardwood despite the rest of the cabinet’s substrate being manufacturers from engineered wood. The advantage that trim boards give framed cabinets over frameless is that the overall strength of the individual sides of the cabinet do not need to be as high as they do in frameless constructions. The primary disadvantage to framed cabinets is from the trim board’s interference with cabinet access.