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What is a V-Groove Panel?

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A V-groove refers to the shape of the recesses visible on the face of a panel. These cuts are the result of an angular beveled edge being aligned to an opposite angular beveled edge which creates a visible and distinct V-shaped recession in the face of the panel. There are faux panels created with a V-groove cut into them to give the illusion of being an actual V-groove panel, but the difference can be easily identified simply by turning the panel over to view the seam where the individual boards have been joined on the back. The reverse side of a properly crafted V-groove panel will exhibit either a seam or an identical V-groove.

A special shaped cutting tool is necessary to properly edge the boards for the V-groove panel. A V-groove panel is comprised of boards that are joined together lengthwise with a tongue and groove method. Shims may be used to keep the joints tight despite fluctuations in wood thickness. The two styles used in a V-groove panel can result in a single side or double sided V-grove panel. The end result when staining panels that have been constructed in this way is a much darker appearance in the grooved area than the surrounding surface because more stain will have accumulated in the groove.