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What is a Recessed Panel Door?

Update Time:2018-11-8 23:59:24Views:502

A recessed panel door is a cabinet door with a center panel that is slightly depressed. Recessed panel doors often include thinner wood than other types of cabinet doors.

A recess panel door has a center panel that is slightly lower than the surrounding door frame. The panels are often made of alternative materials because they need to be thinner than the rest of the door. These doors are often built using solid wood, but the panels are veneer. This allows the material to be thin enough to sit inside the recessed area without changing the finished appearance of the wood. Recessed panel doors are available in many styles and finishes. They may incorporate arches or square angles, and glass or metal are sometimes used in place of wooden panels. Many recessed panel doors feature beveled trim that adds a touch of elegance to the door. Matching drawer fronts are often available so that all of the cabinet units have the same design.